One night @bus

Feb 04

                         Sometimes life teaches us the value of time, may be specifically in seconds. I was lucky enough to get one class last week. When the IRCTC window popped out with a waiting list status (post chart preparation), I never thought I would have such a night ahead. Unexpected work given by Deepu Ravindran at office made me more late to leave office. Deepu was knowing that I would travel by bus, but even in his  worst dream he would not have thought of something  happening as it turned out.

So what happened that night?

Actually, nothing much happened that night. But the night became a memorable one only because few things did not happen

                      Let me put things directly. After wandering for an hour, finally i got a bus to Kannur from Kaloor bus stand. The night journeys in pvt buses are very tedious, but i was helpless. When i got in,”why dis kolaveri..” song was playing inside the bus. “dis is for d soup boysu…we don’t have choiceu”. I said to myself, i don’t have choice, so i am in this stupid bus. The bus left around 10. Soon tight sleep welcomed me. For two or three hours I got good sleep. In fact, the rash driving did not allow me to sleep properly thereafter. My bus was going at a high speed and suddenly it happened. The bus made a sudden break. All the passengers waved a small bye to their sleep. Even the non-living particles inside the bus would have held their breath with that brake. So what happened? Before this thought came to all, the bus was moving unidirectionaly , taking deviation from the main road. Still the driver was unable to stop the vehicle. At last an old electric post lying on the ground managed to stop the bus. Many in the bus started shouting and few kids started crying too. I was completely perplexed, of course lil shocked too. The bus did not settle down with the stoppage. The reverse gear was the one selected by the driver and the most of the passengers were still under shock. The bus was moving at high speed in the reverse direction and soon it was back on the main road. Then the conductor was shouting “don’t leave that bastard…catch him”.  It was only then i figured out something from the darkness. A mini bus suddenly tried to cross the road. It was a 101% mistake from that driver of that mini bus. He was in sleep when his unconscious took the vehicle completely into danger. My bus driver had to apply sudden break at an impulsive speed. Even that did not save the purpose. So he took deviation to left which saved the life of at least 50. Soon it was a cinema style chase was happening in the National Highway. The chase continued for about three kilometers. Finally my veteran bus driver managed to overtake the mini bus and stopped it across so that none can pass through the road. No sooner the bus stopped few passengers and the bus crew started rushing to the mini bus. Then it was a time of extravaganza of malayalam slang words. The dramatic fight continued for about 10 minutes. Our conductor consoled the mini bus driver by telling “it’s night, all drive in half sleep, but don’t sleep like this.” All though it might occur as a consolation for the driver, the fact of knowing the half sleep driving  theory killed the sleep of many, if not at least mine.

                   The mini bus was full with some students. I guess their school class might be +2 or so.  A disaster got skipped out from reality in seconds. A second late action from the driver would have made that place known for an accident. And sometimes this website which you are reading now would have been described as the website of a Software Engineer died in bus accident. ;) :)

Thank god nothing like that happened….

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Thalassery takes mother of all cakes

Jan 21


Sharing the news in Times Of India.

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KANNUR: The glory of Thalassery is linked to three ‘c’s – cricket, circus, and cake. Though the splendour of the first two has dwindled, the sweetness of cake lingers. And to celebrate the 129th year of the first Christmas cake made in India, the Bakers Association Kerala (BAKE) is baking a mammoth 300-ft long cake that weighs 1,200 kg.

The programme being organized to celebrate the occasion has been named Oru Desathinte Katha. It will be inaugurated by agriculture minister K P Mohanan on January 21 at the Thalassery municipal grounds. The cake will be cut by Union minister of state Mullappally Ramachandran the next day.

“It was in November 1883 that Mambally Bapu made the first cake in India at Thalassery in his Royal Biscuit Factory founded in 1880,” said P M Sankaran, president, BAKE. There was only one bakery other than this in the country then. That was in West Bengal and only catered to the British. “Bapu, however, democratized the concept and popularized British tastes among Malayalis. And it is this making of history that the association is going to celebrate,” Sankaran said.

The cake intends to tell the story of the town and is being designed by M P Ramesh of Cochin Bakery, who is from the Mambally family. “When this idea was conceived a few months ago, I decided that egg would not be an ingredient of the cake in order to enable vegetarians to taste it,” said Ramesh. “And being a piece of history, we decided it should tell the story of Thalassery.”

Apart from the history of the town, the cake will also have images of cricket, cake and circus, and that of Sri Narayana Guru, history of communism, and the famous Thalassery biriyani. The top of the cake will also have images of our present political leaders.

“The strawberry-flavoured cake will also have many fragments from the unknown history of Thalassery,” said Ramesh. “This is not something to satisfy your taste buds, but is a piece of art laced with history,” he adds.

The organizers are also brining out a souvenir on the occasion. It would capture the historic moments in the culinary history of the town.

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Jan 03

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Google ’2011

Jan 01

This is how 2011 was googlized. cool video!

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Happy New Year

Dec 31

Wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year.

Let 2012 full fills your dreams and bring joy.


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IT giants likely to mute hike in 2012

Dec 28

The company employs over 210,000 employees. Wage inflation is a critical issue as a result. The company spent Rs 3,100 crore a third of its revenue of Rs 9,300 crore for the September 2011 quarter on employee costs.

Tata Consultancy Services, the biggest Indian software services exporter, would continue to hire people in good numbers. However, N Chandrasekaran, managing director and CEO of the company said that the wage hike for the year ending March 2011-12 could be muted.



Companies like TCS provide information technology services to other companies around the world. The growth in profit and revenue is dependent on new contracts the company gets and the pricing of such contracts.
The company employs over 210,000 employees. Wage inflation is a critical issue as a result. The company spent Rs 3,100 crore a third of its revenue of Rs 9,300 crore for the September 2011 quarter on employee costs.
On the volatility in the price of the rupee, Chandrasekharan said that he prefers a stable band for the rupee. “Any sharp fluctuation in the rupee value makes strategy planning difficult,” he added.
The depreciation in the value of the rupee by more than 20 per cent over the past four months is expected to benefit software-services exporters as they earn revenue in US dollars. The CNX IT sector gained 13 per cent over the past three months while the NSE Nifty shed 3.2 per cent during the same period. This shows the anticipation on the street about IT services companies. TCS shares have jumped 20 per cent over the past three months.
According Barclay’s bank estimates, every one per cent depreciation of the rupee vs the US dollar has a 0.3 per cent impact on margins. “This should also give the company enough cost leverage to tackle the cost increase due to inflation (impact on both manpower and operational expense) or further investments in the business,” the bank noted last week.
Chandrasekaran said that the challenging economic environment has not had an impact on the deal closure.



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