I like you valley theorem

Dec 11

I’m proposing a theory i formulated.

A graphical visualisation of the theory is given below.

The ‘I like you valley theorem’ states that

Every romantic relationship swings between ‘ Mount I hate you and Mount I love you ; where each has negative and positive impact on relationship as in order. The ‘ I like you valley ’ is being in the geometric centre of these two, gives a floating quotient to the relationship, which is same as floating in a river. Floating in the ‘ I like you valley ’ for a considerable amount of time may make the male counterpart to update his Facebook status as

“ The one & only time. I hated the word ‘FRIEND’ is…

when She said…

‘Let us be only FRIENDS!…’ ”

So its been suggested that guys take the risk and try to climb either of the hills rather than floating indefinitely in the river if you have a romantic inclination towards the female counterpart.

Visualisation by : Shaazz (Thanks bro, you are awesome)

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Is this Love?

Dec 11

I love to hear your comments….

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