I recommend BTH

Jan 20

What is BTH?
Blekinge Institute of Technology ??  no never… why should I discuss about such things when there are many simple things under the sky.

At least the people in Kochi would expand it as Bharath Tourist Home. There are few restaurants together with the tourist home. Last day I happened to be in one of the vegetarian restaurants of BTH. Two of my friends were also with me. We were on our way back from temple and was expecting a good vegetarian break fast. BTH did not bring disappointment in any regard. Although the price is much much more than the normal rates, the food is worth it.

We had breakfast. The breakfast bill for three people crossed Rs 400 INR. Hope you can guess how expensive the rates are when compared to the Cochin standard rates.

But as said before the quality of the food is worth that. We tried Poori Masala,Dosa and a cup of tea each. I recommend it as one time try hotel as the expensive rates cannot be afforded on a higher frequency.

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