The Backbenchers

Oct 09

The Backbencher’s is a good read novel  By Sidharth Oberoi. To tell more about the author- well, I dont know much. I heard that its a ghost name and the actual people behind the work is Durjoy Datta and Sachin Garg.

Falling to the story. Unlike the usual youth stories it doesn’t hang up on Engineering colleges or B-schools. The 170 paged book is all about the happenings in a school, precisely in a 12th grade class.  Ananya, a traditional Indian girl is the central character. It so happens that this traditional girl from Raipur comes to a modern school in Delhi for her class 12th. The difference in culture and life stlye is well illustrated. The said differnces makes her unfit for the new enviornment. But she is not ready to leave it up. The story progress with her attempts in being one among the crowd. Attempts made had much impact and it in turn takes to many twists. Yuvraj, Ananya’s classmate is a typical city living guy who was known more by the girl he dated with. Yuvraj and Ananya become friends and in the course of time  the relation develops.  Ananya also won two other friends Naman,Radhika. All the four occupied the backbench. The way Ananya lives, the changes she brought in herself are more natural . Each girl put in such a situation wopuld behave so. This fact ensures that you never loose interest on reading this.

The teenage infatuations, love and hatred between students, silly fights, rumors, mischievous students, strict teachers(also beautiful teachers ;))  and of course the dependence of Facebbok in today’s teenagers are well illustrated in the book.

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  1. Ananya Raghavan /

    I don’t see why Ananya changed herself so much!
    Yuvraj was letting Natasha use him.

    But Yuvraj and Ananya are endgame!

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